As we have walked through the COVID-19 quarantine with its ever-changing status and recommendations, we’ve had two goals–to provide a quality service each week and to help our people stay both relationally connected and missionally engaged. Those goals have not changed.

We are currently offering in-person and live stream services, as well as ways to stay connected and to serve for those who attend at The Mill and those who attend online.

Because of the reduced capacity of our physically distanced worship space, we are asking for reservations to attend. You can register on our website each week here.

Sunday Morning Services

Our Sunday morning services are at 8am, 9:30am, and 11am. We’ve made several changes to allow for current health recommendations.

  • Reduced capacity with groups of chairs placed with a 6′ buffer
  • Advance registrations
  • Individual communion cups
  • 6′ social distancing encouraged indoors
  • Socialization and gathering take place outdoors

Sunday Morning Video

As a redeemed people who worship God, we place a high value on our gatherings where we sing, pray, hear from God’s Word, take communion, and simply be together. During this COVID 19 crisis, we know that there are many people who cannot attend physically. We are now live streaming our 9:30am and 11am services and you can join in online on our Facebook page or our YouTube channel.

We ask you to do a few things.

Watch it with your household

Sing. Pray. Receive from God’s Word. 

Share it with your friends

It’s never been easier for you to invite your friends to learn about Jesus. So many people are looking for a hope they will only find in Jesus. Share it with them. 

Encourage one another

Before you watch, contact someone who calls Exodus home and let them know you are about to watch the service. You might be the encouragement they need.

Until all of our church family can safely gather again for worship, we hope this resource blesses you.


Exodus Church uses an online church communication tool called Realm for all of our communications. This tool allows us to send messages easily to the whole congregation or to specific groups as needed, and allows everyone in our congregation to communicate with others. If you would like to connect with us using Realm, email us for an invitation to join.

community groups

Our community groups are currently meeting both in-person and using Zoom. These groups are open and would welcome you to join them. You can email any of the leaders listed here and they will give you information on how their group is currently meeting. If you need help connecting to a group, please email us.


The children in our congregation are very important to us and we have a number of resources to help them stay connected.

Children are always welcome to attend services with their families. We provide a sanitazed clipcoard with worksheets and individually packaged crayons to keep them occupied.

We are currently offering our Sunday morning Exodus Kids program during the 9:30 and 11am services for children age 6 months through 5th grade. Due to small class sizes, you must register your children for class when you register each week for a service.

Each week, we are also posting song & lyric videos, Bible study lesson videos, and coloring sheets and activity page printables through a weekly newsletter on Realm. This is a great way for children who don’t return to Exodus Kids to continue learning.


Our Exodus Students program is meeting in-person on Wednesday nights at The Mill. Much of the programming takes place outside, and the large group time has been moved to the worship space for better physical distancing. Students are required to wear masks indoors. If you have any questions about how to be involved with Exodus Students or how to make sure that your student is involved, please email us.

EXODUS women

Beginning March 1st, Exodus Women will be holding our spring Bible Study in a variety of formats, including groups that meet at The Mill, groups that meet in homes, groups that meet online, and individual study.

Together in Prayer, our weekly prayer meeting, meets on Wednesday mornings as a small group at The Mill.

If you’d like to participate in Bible study or Together in Prayer, email [email protected]


As our communities experience this crisis together, we are committed to serving others. There are many local needs that we’ve been asked to help meet and we are honored to be able to serve our communities. If you are interested in helping to meet local needs, please email us and the mission mobilization team will help you get involved.

Let’s be a light for Christ during this dark time by serving Him in the world!